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Review, part two: Deadline.

A few months ago, I posted a review of the book FEED, by Mira Grant, AKA Seanan McGuire. I finally have found enough time to read the second book, and I have to say I devoured it in two days,... Continue Reading →


Long Distance Relationships Aren’t Doomed, You’re Just Doing it Wrong.

The number one rule of any relationship is communication. Communication is King, and everything else, feelings of awkwardness, the need to keep your partner "safe" from whatever it was you did at Brenda's party last Friday is all secondary. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

FEED- the Zombie Reader’s Insatiable Need For Material

I should preface this by saying that I do a fair amount of traveling, and that I first discovered this book in the Tattered Cover in DIA... and passed it up entirely. I read the blurb, I read the first... Continue Reading →

Boycott Captain America: Steve Rogers For its Entire Run

Boycott the new Captain America run, ya'll. Cap would be so disappointed that we have to do this two thousand and freaking sixteen.

I Just Went A Little Crazy on Facebook and Twitter

So, as you have all quite likely heard, Marvel has recently decided to support Nazism. If you haven't heard, check back in about ten minutes. I'm about to lay out every reason you shouldn't support Captain America: Steve Rogers for... Continue Reading →

Week 2 of 52

I signed up for a weekly newsletter through tumblr, at yeahwrite, and I realized that I was not only two whole weeks behind, but I was about to be three.   So I started at week two, and this was what... Continue Reading →

The Whole Kit and Conglomerate

I love the smell of new blogs in the afternoon. That is, quite possibly why I have so many Social Media accounts. I wavered a bit when I was trying to decide on the topic for my First Official Blog... Continue Reading →

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