So far, only one of the two posts that I’ve seen on WordPress about the recent Marvel debacle has been sympathetic of the issue.

The other one tells fans not to “be so butthurt.” That’s a technical term, of course.

The long and short of the issue means that we will not stop being hurt by this. Let’s take a quick look at who Captain America is, and what he means.

Circa 1941, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon created a character that was meant to be a human embodiment to American values. Kirby and Simon were two Jewish men, who created the good Captain to oppose HYDRA, a side group of the German Nazi party. HYDRA, of course, is fictional, but it is modeled after and based upon the Nazi party, and therefore holds all of it’s ideals and genocidal, white supremacy toting values.

Let’s now go over what the Nazi’s stood for. I know we all know this, but for the #meninist nerds in the back, let’s recap, because they don’t quite seem to be getting it. The Nazis wanted to promote a race of humans that was better than another. Specifically, blond-haired, blue eyed people. The Aryan Race as they were called. In the beginning, this was promoted in a smaller way, by the definition of Eugenics: “a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human genetic traits through the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with desired traits (positive eugenics), or reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization of people with less-desired or undesired traits (negative eugenics)”. For those of you who still think that Captain America being a Nazi is “no big deal, get over it whiners” keep in mind that this was accomplished through the specific sterilization of certain people: i.e. those with disabilities, whether mental or physical, those who identified as homosexual, the Romani people, and those of the Jewish faith.

Of course, this wasn’t enough for Hitler and his shit spewing guardsmen, and they began to open up “work camps” which, as we well know, now, were set up for the specific purpose of working the people mentioned above, as well as many others, to their deaths.

So, now that we have a better handle on what HYDRA and the Nazi’s endorsed, let’s sit back and remember some of our beloved Captain’s history.

Steve Rogers was, before he became Captain America, a little disabled boy in Brooklyn.

Huh. Right away, something doesn’t quite add up with the Cap=HYDRA thing. What could it be?

Maybe it’s the fact that a kid growing up with severe health problems would have been killed before being inducted into HYDRA, whether his mother was a member or not.

ACTUALLY, let’s sit back for a moment and remember who Sarah Rogers was: a single mom, raising a disabled boy, who could, quite often, not afford to put food on the table. She was also an Irish immigrant, living in a bad part of town, and teaching her son not to put up with bullies of any sort. Are you really trying to tell me that she was an agent of HYDRA?

Back on track, now.

Steve Rogers took his mother’s teachings to heart, and is frequently shown, in all of his origin stories, to be someone who stands up to bullies, despite his size and general lack of health. He stands up for all of the people that Hitler was so fond of putting into concentration camps. He becomes Captain America because he wants to stop Hitler.

So can someone please show me where there’s room in his character arc (which is so adamantly centered around goodness and kindness and NOT being a Nazi) for him and his mother to be agents of HYDRA?

And can someone please explain to me how this got pitched in the Marvel boardroom and not one person went “well, maybe that’s not the best idea, considering…”?

And can someone close to Nick Spencer please slap him and then point him in the general direction of ANY Captain America comic, ever? Because I am not convinced that he read even one of them before shitting out his gross, genocide-glorifying Captain America Nazi AU.

And those are four words that I never thought I’d have to type together. Ever. I thought this was one thing that they couldn’t get wrong.

Well, Marvel, you’ve really outdone yourself this time. I just hope you thought it through (though, obviously, you didn’t, or you wouldn’t have let someone take a character created by two Jewish men who was invented for the sole purpose of punching Hitler in the face and make him a Nazi).

The real point of all this, though, is that Marvel okayed this. They’re not going to realize it’s a bad idea unless the run doesn’t do well. So please, please, buy anything but Captain America: Steve Rogers. Ignore it for the entire run, not just the first issue or so. If you have to read it that badly, I’m sure that there will be leaks all over the internet, but for the real Captain America’s sake, don’t pay for it. Tweet @Marvel and @NickSpencer and tell them to #SayNoToHYDRACap. Get the message across. Show them that we are outraged, and that this will not stand. I just posted a list of ten DC and independent publisher comic titles that you can buy instead. Make Marvel’s comic sales drop exponentially while this comic runs. They’ll listen to the numbers, and not much else, so if they lose to their competitors, who are actively not making their most well known comic characters Nazis, they might just realize what a bad idea this was.

Although, they never should have given it the green light to begin with.

End rant, smh.