So, as you have all quite likely heard, Marvel has recently decided to support Nazism. If you haven’t heard, check back in about ten minutes. I’m about to lay out every reason you shouldn’t support Captain America: Steve Rogers for the entirety of it’s comic run. But first, I’m going to give you all a list of comics that you should look into as an alternative to buying the Nazi toting bag of plot twist fodder that Marvel signed for a five-issue run. Most of these will be DC titles, with a few independent publishers thrown in for fun. 
1. DC’s Bombshells- Features all of your favorite super ladies in a WWII era, and reimagines many of their origin stories in a RESPECTFUL way that doesn’t damage the character or their legacy while also fitting with the time period.
2. DC Rebirth- (Ignore this one if you don’t want to read any Rebirth spoilers) I know it hasn’t come out yet, but since issue 1 has leaked online, I’m counting it. It features all of our faves finally released the ridiculous New 52 timeline which was apparently created as both a direct result of Barry Allen’s Flashpoint Paradox, and Doctor Manhattan messing with the universe….
again. AND Wally West is back, which can only mean good things. Also Lois Lane as Superwoman. Awesome.
3. MIDNIGHTER- featuring Midnighter AKA Lucas Trent, who was a recent acquisition by DC Comics from Wildstorm Comics, and just so happens to be a juiced up version of Batman with a sense of humor, a supercomputer wired into his brain, a healing factor, and a string of boyfriends about a mile long. Also, Dick Grayson is in it, and I will endorse almost anything that involves Dick Grayson.
4. Batgirl of Burnside- While this is, in fact, a New 52 publication and features some controversy about Barbara’s conduct and how the writers are handling her, it’s not a really big problem. Shoot it’s cute, it’s funny, and most importantly, it doesn’t involve anyone secretly being a Nazi. Also the art is done by the lovely Babs Tarr, which means that it is absolutely stunning.
5. Gotham Academy- Fun little comic about a group of kids at a boarding school trying to get an education in a town that features the Joker constantly trying to blow up the school, and Batman following in his wake.
6. Nimona- not a DC comic, but Noelle Stevenson’s other comic LUMBERJANES will be crossing over with Gotham Academy soon which is cool, anyway Nimona is about a shapeshifter who joins forces with a supervillain in order to cause maximum chaos. you can still read parts of it online, I think, at and you should buy it anyway. I love my copy to death.
7. Lumberjanes- a comic about a group of camp leaders, I think. I haven’t actually read it, but Noelle wrote it, which means it must be good.
Heck it’s the thirtieth anniversary this year so I have to plug:
8. The Dark Knight Returns. Frank Miller gives us Robin back in this follow up to A Death In The Family (I mean really, who voted to kill Robin and can I have their addresses so I can glitter bomb them into the next century?). Batman hasn’t been seen in ten years, and many people think he’s no more than a legend. But Bruce Wayne is slowly deteriorating without the Bat persona, and soon can’t resist the call of the cape and the cowl. Alfred is apparently immortal, and the second that Batman returns to the scene by saving a thirteen year old girl named Carrie Kelley, the Joker starts to regain his sense of self, further cementing the idea that the Joker and Batman are connected on a spiritual level or something. Anyway, out of some misguided sense of idolatry, Carrie becomes Robin without Bruce’s permission and starts stopping petty crime in the hopes of drawing him out again. She eventually catches up to him and saves him from being killed by the king of the Mutant gang, who have been ruining the city. She introduces herself as Robin, and he introduces himself as Bruce, because he has apparently forgotten what a “secret identity” is (I kid, I actually love this moment). Anyway, the art style is a bit strange, but it’s still worth a read.
9. Watchmen- you’ve seen the terrible movie, you’ve probably heard about it once or twice, but you should definitely read this absolutely ridiculously confusing comic that is in no way told in linear time, and has become a cult classic in the years since it was released. Also, they’re being included in the new Rebirth timeline, so brush up your Shakespeare, folks.
10. I know I said I wouldn’t plug anything Marvel related, but I just remembered the Princess Leia comic, which everyone needs to read, and the Spider Gwen run which needs to become a full fledged comic title. Also if you MUST read something Marvel, Ms. Marvel (the one with Kamala Kahn) and the Black Widow series are well written and illustrated.
11. One more for the road, since I gave ya’ll some Marvel titles and I feel guilty now, Superman: American Alien is a fresh look at everyone’s first hero, and is remarkable and I cannot recommend it enough.
Tl;dr #SayNoToHYDRACap, and go check out some DC titles instead, so that Marvel gets the message.