A few months ago, I posted a review of the book FEED, by Mira Grant, AKA Seanan McGuire. I finally have found enough time to read the second book, and I have to say I devoured it in two days, as I did the last one. Ms. McGuire has that effect on me.

I was warned of a few things before going in, because going in blind may have steered me off the rest of the series, but it in no way lessened my enjoyment of the book. I remember, after being warned, telling my boyfriend that, and I quote: “I trust Seanan more than half of my family, I trust her with this, too.”

That still stands, but my words can’t help but echo mockingly in my ears as I shut the book no less than five minutes ago. It is replaced, ever so subtly, by my brain screeching, at an unholy sound level, “what, the ever loving FUCK, Seanan?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, and those who prefer not to identify by either moniker, somehow Seanan managed to top the ending of the last book. And for now, that’s all that I have functioning brain cells to say.

Holy shit.